Monitor alcohol consumption. For professional or personal use.

Knowing your “iBac” (Individual Breath Alcohol Concentration) is important in order to make informed decisions. Whether it’s to help determine sobriety before driving, meet work compliance standards, determine if one is sober enough for parenting time or in compliance with pretrial and probation requirements iBac is the right choice.    

Alcohol monitoring that’s
affordable, discreet, & accurate. Prices between $19-$169

  • Connects to Android or iOS
  • Accurate breath alcohol analysis
  • Small discreet design
  • Real-time results

  • Professional grade breathalyzer
  • Choose random or scheduled testing

  • Real time reporting of test activity
  • Powered by fuel cell technology
  • GPS-location & Geo-fencing
  • Photo verification
  • Push notifications and SMS alerts 

  • Tamper proof security features

Pair with your smartphone

View and manage real time reports of test activity on the go. Available on the App Store (iOS) & Google Play (Android). Customized test scheduling and frequency. Random Alerts for testing with GPS location, Geo fencing and photo verification.

iBacWare – Management Platform

A cloud based software management system to monitor scheduling, testing and compliance. This Enterprise Resource tool can manage client data, devices, invoicing and payments. A comprehensive software product that can be customized to manage all your business needs. Suitable for a large enterprise or a single user.

Client Management

Maintain records of your clients, their vehicles and the devices assigned to them. Keep track of appointments and calibrations with the calendar feature. Upload pertinent pdf’s and keep notes on every client.

Data Management

Response data is immediately sent to our secured servers. This data includes Photo of client performing the breath test, his or her BAC level, GPS coordinates of where the breath test was performed including date and time stamp, tamper proof security info.

Invoice and Record Keeping

Keep track of invoices created for your clients. Allows for under/over payment and balances brought forward.  Query past due balances and payment history instantly.  Export to Quick Books and excel spreadsheets.  

Device/Inventory tracking

Keep track of every device within your organization, including where it is and who has possession of it. Check whether a device is out for service, installed in vehicle, or sitting in a shop and available for use.


Complete testing history, with date and time stamps of test data. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly reports emailed automatically. Download all financial data and payment information. Customize reports to meet govt or court ordered requirements.

Auto Generated Forms

We can customize forms creating online versions of your contracts, certificates, schedules, almost anything you have the need for.

Appointment Calendar

A google like calendar that keeps track of appointments, scheduled alerts, calibrations, compliance meetings, court hearings, payment dates, required classes etc



Finally, a professional-grade breathalyzer that doesn't look like one

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